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Looking for that perfect space to share your Vegebul work with other like-minded people? TPTH has made it their mission to offer just that: a non-judgmental place where we do nothing but share our art and stories with a community dedicated to that cause. Complete with challenging events, amazing rewards, and making new friends, you’ll be hardpressed to find another community like us!

The Power of expression

TPTH firmly believes in the freedom of expression, thus we’ve designed and built our website to offer you the comfort and space to openly be yourself.

The Freedom of Creation

Creative interpretation is the spice of life and we welcome yours with open arms! Our site is friendly to all ages, but that doesn’t mean we shun the kink or the censorship.

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Newest Members

We'd like to welcome our new mods @Blackswans2222 @AvieAwesome @SaiyanCaulifla2 and @Cyberfox277! Welcome to the team!

They will be joining our active Senior Mods, @rockykelboa and @hanna_lecter to continue bringing you events in Discord as well as our annual events 😊

ANNOUNCEMENT! @kayychii and @KawaiiRae have something exciting to share with ALL of #DragonBall fandom! Introducing the first ever Dragonball Fandom Awards honoring all creator efforts in Art, Writing, Cosplay & Video! Visit https://t.co/6dKT20se41! Nominations begin April 19th!

TPTH is looking for more Mods! If you are interested in helping us run our community, you can apply here:
👉 https://t.co/T9D6IH0YHm

- must be 18 or older
- must have Discord
- willing to work as a team

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