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About Us

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Established in early 2016, TPTH was created to bring together a community of profoundly talented individuals who share an affinity for the Dragon Ball universe. At the core of their passion resided their interested and curiosity for the couple that seemed unlikely to ever be paired together, and ultimately became canon; Bulma and Vegeta.

TPTH was founded by fanfiction authors The_Crystal_Rose, also known as Crystal, and Mallie-3, further known as Mallie. Having started the communities path on Google+, TPTH grew rapidly in both followers and active challenges. Soon enough, they expanded across several social media platforms, starting with Tumblr, then Twitter, Reddit, and finally the website.

In response to the “Great Purge of Tumblr”, the staff of TPTH combined their time together to create a safe-haven for both SFW and NSFW creations of the Vegebul fandom. 

It is our ultimate goal to be the connection that brings the people of the Vegebul fandom together!

The Future is Bright

Our Plans

TPTH is growing rapidly and we are excited to share our plans with the community! You can follow these developments by joining Capsule Mail and gain exclusive access to our Roadmap.

It's back!


Revamped and redesigned, TPTH is bringing the podcasts back to the Vegebul fandom, equipped with author interviews, fanfiction reviews, dbz theories, and so much more!

Released Date: To Be Determined
Turning Stories into audio


While we’re on the bandwagon of podcasts, it only makes sense to turn our favorite stories into audio literature! As we begin, we’ll soon open auditions for voice actors, and if you’re interested, make sure to apply.

Released Date: Summer 2020 (tentative)