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Our Artist Illustrators work hard to provide us with beautiful digital graphics to spruce up our website and community. In return for their efforts, we offer them a designated spot in our Affiliations sections as a token of our gratitude.

Illustrators must be a member of our community, must be able to create digital graphics on the fly, and must have a passion for the OTP, Bulma and Vegeta. Illustrators give us non-exclusive rights to use their talents and artwork for the community and associated events.

All illustrations can be found scattered across all of our social media!

-Products Gifted-



Our Sponsors range anywhere from financial support to giving away physical product they produce. We believe in creating a partnership that benefits both sides, so in exchange for their generosity, we offer site-wide promotion for the duration of their support. Because of the amount of inquiries we receive, we have created a sponsorship program for all interested parties.

Sponsors are a range of companies looking to create brand awareness by offering to give some of their product away for free. This can include services, gift cards, jewelry, toys, tickets to events (like ComicCon) and much more!

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Our Sponsorship Program is an agreed partnership between your company and TPTH, but we like to consider it more of a beneficial friendship between two entities who share a common goal. In exchange for the gifts our members receive from you, we offer you community-wide promotion for the duration of our partnership based on a promotional schedule that is updated periodically to fit in our other sponsors, as well as suiting our member’s needs. We are excited for you to join our wonderful team!






It’s not a democracy, its a vegebulocracy! Established in 2018, VBO is the second largest Vegebul community that devotes its time to amazing challenges. They are widely known for their Big Bang events, and they are the proud sister community to TPTH.

Financial &

Giveaway sponsor

Serenity in Chains

From stunningly handcrafted and discreet day collars that truly pass the vanilla test, to sexy and comfortable non piercing nipple jewelry and everything in between, Serenity in Chains is all about sex positivity and expressing yourself in unique and comfortable ways.


Giveaway sponsor

Eldwenne's Fantasy

Satisfy your fantasy and turn it into reality by showing off your pride for the fandom world. Eldwenne’s Fantasy transforms popular culture such as Dragon Ball Z into unique, inspiring, and beautiful jewelry that every fan lover adores!






Creator of the TPTH logo, Smutfest banner, and our Dear Bulma artwork. Rutbisbe has been a long-standing supporter of TPTH!




Creator of our age gate and verification banners. BogusRed is also the owner and administrator of PaperDemon.com




One of our official BVDN artwork designers. thats-my-bulma is a known participant in many of our challenges!




Our second official BVDN artwork designer. You will often find BianWW sharing her art in our BVDN events.




Creator of our badges and icons found throughout our Discord. 

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