Staff Application

We're so excited to know you want to be part of our fantastic team! Before we can officially welcome you on board, we need a few details about you. This will only take about 10 minutes of your time and should be relatively painless.

All applications are subject to administrative review, and our response can take up to 2 business days. Once you are finished with your application, please check your inbox for a success message with a copy of your information! Don't forget to add us to your contacts so we don't end up in your junk drawer.

Please keep in mind that although these positions are not paid, staff members are offered the opportunity of advancement in the event they've demonstrated stellar performance.

  • Moderator
  • Administration Management
  • Community Outreach Coordinator
  • Social Media Manager

Member Moderation involves conflict resolution within the community hosting platforms such as Discord, Reddit, Twitch, and Tumblr, including the website. Moderators are the first face members will see and interact with before the upper staff get involved (the Admins and Senior Moderators).

Additionally, Moderators must monitor live events with the host of the challenge. They will have the rights to kick or suspend members of an event if they violate the terms of the community. This includes deleting posts, muting members, and delivering warnings and various other consequences in the form of a private message.

Moderators must not exhibit retaliating behavior and must always remain cordial at all times.

This position has the opportunity for advancement.

Administration, unlike administrators, are staff members who create, prioritize, and organize TPTH documents. This includes taking notes during meetings, assisting in event coordination, and updating out-of-date documents.

The Administration staff works closely with the upper staff. They must be proficient in Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Google Forms, and Microsoft Office/Word.

Members of the staff must also exhibit excellent attention to detail and documentation must have limited errors. Information must be clear, legible, and easily understood. Files must be stored in the correct folders with correct file names for ease of access.

Community Outreach Coordinators require proactive involvement within the TPTH Community and its members by offering lively discussions to invoke participation. This includes taking note of inactivity and providing exemplary solutions, including receiving member opinions for change.

Community Outreach staff work closely with Event Coordinators, Social Media Managers, and Moderators. They are primarily responsible for connecting TPTH with various other communities by creating and cultivating relationships for the purpose of affiliation.

They will be the point of contact and liasion for TPTH in regards to creating and maintaining partnerships amongst other communities and/or sponsors, advertising and marketing, affiliation, and more.

It is preferred applicants have a background in communications and marketing, but entry levels are welcomed. 

The Social Media Manager is in charge of producing, publishing, and creating exposure and content through all of our major social media profiles. It is their responsibility to be inclusive by encouraging participation, promoting community events, and enlisting community engagement.

Posts must be made at least once a week with the opportunity for growth per profile. Content must persist of useful and engaging posts. It is crucial each manager is familiar with analytics, SEO, and our overall niche audience. 

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