Dabble with a Drabble Night

Bulma & Vegeta Drabble Nights

BVDN stands for Bulma and Vegeta Drabble Night. It is an evening where competitors are given a structured theme and prompts to create small drabbles (otherwise known as short stories) before the time limit is up. It is often used by writers to not only inspire creativity in their own works, but to challenge their quick reflexes with writing a story within a short time.

BVDNs are Events on Discord!

A Night of Prompts!

Challenge yourself with writing a short story in one single night.

6-10 Prompts

Create a short story or a series of drabbles using the prompts given. Each night hosts different prompts with different maturity levels.

100-300 Max Word Count

To make the night all the more fun, complete your stories in under 100 to 300 words.

30-40 Minute Deadline

Each prompt comes with a deadline between 30 to 40 minutes. Beat the deadline for bragging rights!

Upcoming BVDNs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Popular Questions

Learn more about the event that brings art and writing together. 

01. How many types of BVDNs are there?

Currently, there are 3 types of BVDNs: Regular, Mature, and Illustrated with age variations. 

Each BVDN is accompanied with prompts, a theme, and a deadline, however they all differ according to the event.

Regular BVDNs have 10 prompts with a 30 minute deadline to complete each prompt before moving on. Competitors must also write their drabbles in 100 words or less before submitting to the live event.

Mature BVDNs are only open to competitors who are 18 years of age or older, and also have the 18+ Confirmed role on Discord. This event has 6 prompts in total, with an expanded deadline of 40 minutes to complete each prompt, as well as 300 words to do so.

02. Is there an age requirement to join?

That all depends on the kind of BVDN that is being hosted. If you plan to participate in a Regular BVDN, those are open to all ages, whereas our Mature BVDNs are a private event for those 18 or older. In order to participate in a mature event, you must confirm your age with the host prior to the event. 

03. What if I miss an event?

It is not required to participate in the live BVDN to submit your work. Competitors and participants are given a 24 hour window to complete and post their work to a platform of their choosing, before promoting it in our discord server, to acquire a banner.

04. How can I join?

Joining is simple! First, you need to be part of the TPTH Discord Server to join this event, as the BVDN is hosted there.

Secondly, you need to aquire the correct roles to participate: 4theBVDN and 18+ Confirmed will get you instant access to both the BVDN and all other mature events!

Finally, make sure to put the date of the BVDN into your calendar; this challenge can take up to 5 hours, but don’t worry, you are not obligated to stay the duration of the time. See “What if I miss an event?” for more information.

05. What's an Illustrated BVDN?

Illustrated BVDNs eliminate word prompts, and instead use images and pictures in their place. This allows competitors to use their imagination to create a scene using the pictures as inspiration.

Like the typical BVDN, this event has a theme that uses the prompts as a hint. In addition, 5 prompts (or images) are used with a 40 minute deadline, and 400 words with which to write their drabbles.

06. Where are the banners?

Banners for past BVDNs will be available in the Banner Gallery. You can also find the prompts for those BVDNs with the Banner.

They will also be available in the Discord chat.

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