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What is Capsule Mail?

Our newsletter, known as “Capsule Mail”, features all the latest news and updates within the Vegebul fandom, including the happenings with TPTH and all of its associates. Yes, that means highlights from VBO, too!

Not only was Capsule Mail made for special news, its goal is to promote and share works from the entirety of the community. It’s specially edited and maintained by TPTH’s own jadefyre! Catch some of the highlights below.

Fandom Highlights and

Headline News

Topics and gossip to serve the palate of any Vegebul fan!

Interview with a Genius...

Curious to know the workings behind your favorite art or story? We’re sending jadefyre out to pick the brains of the geniuses who’ve created the memorable content we all fell in love with.

Mind-blowing Fan Theories

There’s always something happening with the DBZ fandom. We’ll examine where it once was to where it may go. Filled with awesome speculation and theories like no other!

Fan Creator Spotlights

Whether you’re part of TPTH or just a lover of creating for the Vegebul fandom, there’s one thing for certain…we want to see you make headline news! Our spotlights are a great way to share your work and get the reviews you’ve been dying to earn.

Popular Columns

The workings of

Capsule Mail

If you’re question isn’t answered here, contact us!

You can expect to receive an email once every 6-8 weeks from Capsule Mail. We endeavor not to bombard your inbox with a lot of content, so we designed the newsletter to cover pinpoint highlights of interest. When we have the content to share is when you will get the email. Just know that you control your subscription, and if you get sick of us, you can unsubscribe at any time!

No, payment is not required to be on the newsletter. However, we are taking donations to help preserve the life of Capsule Mail, and the site as a whole. So, if you’re feeling charitable, you can donate here. We will thank our donors each month, but donating is definitely not a prerequisite to be featured.

Capsule Mail is currently taking submissions for editorial articles of 300-500 words. These should be about the fandom or Dragon Ball Z and its related franchises, and should be Vegebul-focused. See the tab “What is the Editorial Submission Policy?” for more information.

We are also accepting applications for new regular columns, if you’re up for the task of writing a monthly or semi-monthly piece of up to 350 words.

If you’re an artist who would like to be featured in a future issue, please submit up to 5 pieces for review. We will keep your credit line intact or as otherwise specified by you, the submitter.

We are currently accepting submissions between 300-500 words which are relevant to the interest of the Vegebul fandom.

Each submission is subject to approval.

It is our goal to publish as many submissions as we are able (at the rate of one per month).

We reserve the right to edit submissions for clarity or brevity. We endeavor to keep the original voice and content intact, so if your piece requires extensive reworking, a member of the editorial team will get in touch to work with you and bring it in line with TPTH’s content policy.

By submitting to TPTH, you give us non-exclusive rights to publish your work in our monthly publication or other community promotional material. That means you still retain the right to publish your work elsewhere, such as your personal blog or another fandom publication. TPTH believes in giving credit where credit is due, so your byline will always remain intact.

Yes! Monthly donations will earn you a shout out in the latest edition of the newsletter, no matter the amount you give. Depending on the dollar amount, you can also earn additional rewards such as bonus material, special podcast/podfic episodes, and/or instant access to patreon-only area’s!

We take donations at any time through our Patreon page!

The name “Capsule Mail” is a nod to the corporation, Capsule Corp, the DynoCaps (Hoi Poi Capsules) that are made there, as well as the Time Capsule that future Bulma built.

Each issue will contain an editorial, regular columns, and special features such as interviews and fanart/fanfic spotlights!

You will also find our event calendars, community highlights, and more.

If you’re interested in being part of the editorial staff or to submit a one-off piece for inclusion, please see the “How can I be on Capsule Mail” and “What is the Editorial Submission Policy?” tabs for more information.

Yes, Capsule Mail will feature its supporters, but the main focus of the newsletter will always be the content. No full-page ads here!

Please email if you’re interested in ad space!


We’re always looking for people who share the same excitement for Vegebul as we do. Before you begin filling out an application, there’s a few things you need to know.

Firstly, it is required that applicants are members of TPTH – meaning you must be a member of our Discord Server! You can join here.

Secondly, a proficiency in editorial and/or journalism is preferred, but we will also accept entry levels and train you. If you are a capable writer who can meet deadlines and work as a team, you’re already on the right track!

And finally, it is not required of you to be an active participant in the community to be considered for the position, however in order to enjoy this to the fullest, you should have a passion for DBZ – to be more specific, Vegeta and Bulma!

If all that fits the bill, then fill out this application to get started.

Note: This position is strictly on a volunteer basis, and is not a paid position. The love for the fandom, and making awesome, life-long friends is considered all of our salaries, so we hope this won’t deter you!

Past issues of Capsule Mail will be curated in a blog-style archive so you can read any of our back issues at any time. Access to these issues are only available to the subscribers of Capsule Mail. 

You can find the Capsule Archive here!

Capsule Mail Editor

Fandom has always been one of jadefyre’s passions. She has been writing fanfiction for various fandoms for over 15 years, and has called DBZ her fandom home since 2016.

She has been a member of the TPTH staff since 2017.

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