Reign Review

This month I review Reign, by Thats_My_Bulma! It is a Vegeta-sei AU with a twist! Rating of E for smutty smutty goodness, some violence. Completed fic, approx. 93,000 words.

Evil Review

This month I review Evil, by AnyMonoUs. It is a human AU where Vegeta is a serial killer in prison, and Bulma is a detective who comes to him for help with a case. Rating of M for quite a bit of violence and some smut. Completed fic, approx. 50,000 words.

Matrimonial Hook-up Review

This month I review Matrimonal Hook-up, by BlueMoon Goddess. It is a rewrite of “The Marriage Merger” by Jennifer Probst, so consider this a low key review of that I guess. Rating of M over on – but it is explicit. Completed fic, approx. 70,500 words.

Keiyaku Review

This month I review Keiyaku, a Vegeta-sei AU that answers the question, what happens if Bulma gets her wish for the perfect boyfriend? This is an explicit fic with lots of smutty goodness and a bit of fluff. Approx 19,500 words.

Grand Theft Bulma Review

This month I review Grand Theft Bulma, a canon-divergence fic that follows the Namek Saga fairly closely.

Rating: Teen and up
There is a bit of violence, adult language, and suggestive of sexual content.
Complete, approx 83,000 words