Community Rules

The Prince and the Heiress

Community Rules

About the community

The Prince and the Heiress (further known as ‘TPTH’) is a Vegebul-centric fandom that dedicates their creative time and efforts to the OTP of DBZ, Bulma and Vegeta. We are an established community that promotes art, stories, and any other creative productions of our fellow members through various events, challenges, awards, and discussions.


By becoming a member and participating in active community events (including general discussion), you acknowledge that you have read the following rules, our Privacy Policy, and our TOS, and therefore agree subsequently to the terms laid out in great detail. 

You agree to be a positive and proactive member by respecting all other members and staff – including the members of our affiliates. You agree that any and all work shared within the community are owned by the respective content creator(s), and you understand that we have a No Tolerance Policy for plagiarism and patchwriting. If  you decide to leave our community, you agree not to use slander or any kind of retaliation against the community or its members for any reason. You also understand that, although we host content for a mature audience of 18 or older, we are not liable or responsible for your actions, or what you may find (whether it’s suitable to your constitution or not). Therefore we reserve the right to kick/suspend/ban your membership, remove/delete/edit your submissions/discussions, or disqualify/ban you from participating in any event. Violation of these rules will be documented and archived within the staff.

Violations will be handled at the staff’s discretion.

General Overview

First and foremost, the following laid out rules of the community apply to every function and server we can be found on. Below is a list of our most important guidelines, broken down into simplicity.

Respect in the community and fandom

All members must treat each other how they feel they should be treated in return. This extends to the staff of TPTH, as well. Disrespect, flames, harassment, and any forms of abuse towards another member - including staff - may result in a membership ban, at the staff’s discretion.

Age Limits, Verification, and Registration

Many of our events are often mature, however we like to consider ourselves an open community that is friendly to all ages. Events, activities, or chat rooms that are considered age restricting will be noted publicly, and will require members to verify their birth date with a member of staff in order to obtain access.

Please note that by participating in any mature functions means you acknowledge these rules, our disclaimer, privacy policy, and TOS, making you the sole responsible party for your actions. If you break any of these rules, we are not at fault or liable for your actions and reserve the right to remove you and/or your content from the community without notice.

Plagiarism and patchwriting

We have a No Tolerance Policy for copied/stolen work, including patchwriting. It is not to take place in our fandom/community whatsoever, and the offending party will be removed immediately, and any and all work taken down from our sites or collections. Involved parties will, henceforth, be blocked from any functions of TPTH with no possibility of appeal.

'Patchwriting' refers to the act of making small changes and substitutions to copied source material.

Refer to our Copyright Policy for more information regarding this.

Please note: We only have control over the workings of our community, and therefore we are unable to handle disputes and conflicts that take place outside of TPTH. With that being said, we encourage all members to come forth with any issue so that we may remain up-to-date on conflicts (inside or outside the community), allowing us to remain vigilant for any violation of our rules within the community boundaries. All conflicts brought to our attention are handled discreetly and with confidentiality. We will never share your identity with any person outside the staff, and we guarantee to handle all disputes and conflicts with a judgement-free attitude.


We only support self-promotion concerning fanfiction and fanart within the Vegebul fandom. Promotion for other communities and/or establishments that are not affiliated with TPTH will be removed. Please seek the permission of the upper staff before posting promotional items.

Promotion for shops and other various merchandise are also prohibited unless you are a donor who has given $1 or more in a single month.

Trigger Topics

Discussion of the following topics outside research for art and fanfiction will be removed immediately. Any participating members will be reprimanded at the staff’s discretion. Trigger topics extend to the following topics…

For further details, please see our policy on Forbidden Topics.

Events & Participation

TPTH is known for hosting annual and monthly events, as well as the occasional sporadic challenge. Our events are open solely to TPTH members and TPTH affiliations. All work must follow the guidelines of the event, and be appropriately rated and tagged as we have underaged members. Submissions sent without ratings or any other required information will be rejected. Members will then be prompted to correct the error for resubmission.

Under no circumstance may a member create or host an event without explicit permission from the Administrators or Senior Moderators. With that said, we encourage our members to approach us with suggestions or ideas on how to make our events better.

Copyright Policy

All work submitted to a TPTH event, and/or promoted, is owned by the respective content creator. Additionally, all banners and various TPTH images, and art, are the property of TPTH and/or the TPTH Artist Illustrator on staff. Copying, “borrowing”, stealing any of this content is strictly prohibited and immediate action will be taken.  This includes the act of plagiarism and patchwriting. We have a No Tolerance Policy for this behavior, and members guilty of this will be banned immediately.

Accusing a fellow artist/author of stealing is a serious allegation that we do not take lightly. In the event this occurs, please do the following…

Contact us right away

Immediately contact the staff with your concerns. Every matter is handled delicately and with confidentiality. We will never reveal your identity.

You can contact us using a variety of means; either by email, direct messaging on Discord, or our contact form.

For matters regarding other members, please use the following email:

For matters concerning a staff member, use this address:

Direct Messages are made through Discord where we are located for live chats. In order to contact us here, you must create an account with Discord.

The_Crystal_Rose#9036 (Administrator)

jadefyre#5004 (Senior Moderator)

Do Not Confront them

Confronting the individual is a violation of our rules, and we treat it as seriously as the matter itself! This includes any kind of retaliation, provocation, or instigation. From this point on, you are not to have any contact with the person(s) who you are accusing.

Provide Proof

This includes links and contact info of all parties involved, screenshots of the stolen and original product, witnesses and any other details you feel we will need. The more relevant information we are provided, the better we will be able to investigate.

Keep the matter to yourself

All information regarding this matter will be handled delicately and privately. If we discover you, or any other member, leaks information regarding this matter, they will be dealt with swiftly with a warning at minimum.

Wait for Our Response

With this kind of matter, the entire staff will meet to discuss and review. This could take several days, but be assured that we are doing our best to get to the bottom of it. During this time, we will be comparing the proof given and discussing the best possible outcome. Afterwards, we will contact you with our decision before contacting the accused. Any information we share with you is to be kept between you and the staff of TPTH.

Our Decision is final

No matter the outcome, we must stress that our decision is not based biasly and it is not to be taken personally. Whether the person accused is guilty or not, it is important to remember that we can only do so much depending on the amount of evidence that is provided.

It is important to keep in mind that once you bring this kind of issue to the staff, our hand will be forced to abide by our community rules. This means we will continue to handle the matter whether you want action to be taken or not.

False accusations will be handled at the staff's discretion.

Forbidden Topics

We recognize certain topics are more sensitive than others, and thus we have decided to place a censorship on these topics. Unless otherwise stated by a member of staff, or for research regarding a story or piece of art (after notifying the staff), these are not to be discussed whatsoever.


Topics such as mental illness, abuse (sexual, physical, mental, or emotional), harassment, public punishments or punishments of any kind meant to inflict harm or cause humiliation, forms of bodily harm (self-inflicted or not), sexual punishments, rape, murder, kidnapping, coercion, and unwilling bondage.


This includes but is not limited to abortion, rights of any kind including feminism, sexism, and same sex marriage, war and hate crimes, drugs and illegal substances, religion, ethnicity and race, and legal concerns.


Discussion regarding the past, current, or potential future developments in governmental politics, in whatever fashion, is explicitly forbidden. This includes elections, movements, charity functions, armed forces, diplomatic events, judiciary changes, and more.

Medical and Psychological

As we are not a community made up of medical professionals, awarding medical and psychological advice is unacceptable. In the event a member is seeking advice in regards to this, the staff of TPTH may provide a list of legitimate resources privately. We reserve the right to refuse this. Please see our disclaimer below.

Disclaimer: In the event of an emergency, please dial your local ambulance dispatcher to receive immediate help. TPTH can only provide moral support, but we are unable to offer the necessary aid you may need in a moment of crisis.

In regards to soliciting advice through our Dear Bulma advice column…

1. We are not professionals, and we must stress that certain questions must be directed to an actual professional. The writer’s of Dear Bulma will do their best to research specific inquiries.

2. Please be aware that the following topics will not be accepted or answered under any circumstances, and in the event of a life-threatening matter, we may be forced to report questions to the local authorities (including providing the IP address with which the questions originated from)
- Abuse of any kind
- Non-consensual acts
- Sex or Assault
- Suicide or any intent to harm another living being or yourself

3. We will happily provide members with a list of helpful links that include local phone numbers for Helplines, as well as additional and relevant websites dedicated to whatever issue we are unable to aid you with.

4. Topics concerning sexuality such as the LGBTQ community are handled delicately, and are always given with a liability notice. Questions are filtered through various staff members before reaching the writer, and answers are heavily monitored for accuracy, relevancy, and safety. We will not be held accountable for how you decide to take the advice given, or how you interpret the advice.

5. All advice is provided based on the information received and is explicitly objective in nature. Answers will remain impartial and open-minded. A list of relevant resources may be provided after thorough research.

6. We reserve the right to remove any questions and/or responses in the event it may be harmful or illegitimate.

Member Disputes

Member disputes are an inevitable part of any community or organization. We are all humans who are entitled to our opinions, and we enjoy the occasional friendly debate. However, there is a fine line between mutual, respective debate and disputes and arguments.

Disagreements are welcomed in the community, but forced opinions are highly frowned upon. We believe in only offering our two cents when asked for it, and we discourage judgmental thoughts, closed-minded perspectives, flames and bashing, and provoking of any kind.

Conflict Resolutions

We have a 3 Violation Limit before members receive the ban hammer.

Violations extend to a six month time frame, depending on the severity. After six months, your record will be wiped clean.

Severe violations will remain permanently.

Violations such as plagiarism, patchwriting, flaming, bashing, berating and belittling will automatically override our 3 violations policy, and you will receive the ban hammer.

Instigating and provoking inappropriate behavior may earn anything from 2 violation strikes to a soft ban depending on the context.

Members are highly discouraged from diffusing an argument. Please bring any issues directly to a member of staff immediately. Attempting to handle a conflict on your own will result in action taken by a moderator, despite your good intentions.

Malicious behavior with the intent to harm or cause humiliation in whatever manner will not be tolerated.

Please note that we archive every conflict that takes place in TPTH. Members who make the blacklist will not be welcomed back to the community.

Types of Reprimands

In regards to Discord, members may be kicked from a channel or the server for violating the chat guidelines. Kicks are not always permanent, and may last anywhere up to a week before the member is invited back.

Violation of event regulations may result in your participation being suspended for that particular event. Members will be welcomed back at the next event for redemption with a clean slate.

Event Disqualifications
Disqualifications can be temporary or permanent depending on the violation.

Attempting to deceive or cheat will end with a permanent disqualification from all TPTH Events.

Soft Bans
Also known as temporary bans.

For violations that are not so serious to require a permanent ban. Soft bans are entitled to an appeal period within an expressed deadline given at the time of the violation and reprimanding at the moderators discretion.

Members who receive the official ban hammer automatically make their way on TPTH’s blacklist. They will not be welcomed back to the community in any fashion, and all their work/promotion/participation will be removed. Affiliations of TPTH will be notified as well. We cannot and will not speak in regards to how they react and handle the information we provide.


As TPTH grows, we have begun an affiliation program. Affiliates receive cross promotional benefits, including access to various TPTH events to host in their own community. Administrators of the community will also receive partial access to the TPTH Staff Server where further dealings and potential partnerships will take place. Affiliates will also be placed on our Affiliation page on the TPTH website with a link where members are encouraged to join. 

In return, TPTH will have the right to promote our events and happenings in your community, among various other content regarding the inner workings of TPTH and/or the fandom – this will be further discussed and negotiated. Additionally, we will assign a personal liaison for you to work with who will represent TPTH in your community.

The following below are the requirements to becoming an affiliate of TPTH…

TPTH Membership

You must be a member of TPTH. If you leave TPTH after making affiliation status, your affiliation will be removed. In return, we require an invitation to your community.

Community Age

Your community must be at least a year old or older and have at least 100 active members.

Established and posted guidelines

You must have an established community guidelines for TPTH to review at the start of negotiations. The guidelines need to be posted in an area that is easily accessible for your members.


You must have a staff with at least one administrator. For every 100 members, you must have at least one moderator.


A designated liaison must be assigned to one of your staff who will act as your representative in the TPTH community. We will work closely with the liaison for future collaborative projects and meetings.

Point of Contact

As a means of communication, we require the liaison to create an account with Discord. We also require an email address from the administrator/owner of the community for an additional contact in the event of an emergency.

Affiliations do not make any kind of profit off of TPTH, nor do we make a profit off you. Our Affiliation program, at this time, is purely for promotion and networking. 

Note these terms are subject to change, and we reserve the right to add/remove additional clauses at the start of negotiations, including profits and affiliate links.

Staff roles

TPTH is managed by a team of 14, including 6 upper staff members. Staff roles are as followed…

Upper Staff

- The_Crystal_Rose
- Mallie-3

Senior Moderators
- jadefyre

- rockykelboa
- Hannabelllector
- RessaW

Lower Staff

Ethics Committee
- on-kamis-green-earth

Artist Illustrators
- Rutbisbe
- BogusRed
- Ash0
- thats-my-bulma
- BianWW

Editorial Staff
- bitchytimemachine
- 1VulgarWoman

Staff Rights

Upper staff members are the overseers of the entire TPTH community. Therefore, their word is final and must be respected. Staff are here to add support, address questions, provide enthusiasm and optimism, take helpful suggestions, and create a safe environment for all parties involved.

Staff members reserve the right to…

  1. Remove, edit, add, or delete posts without notice
    • Categorize posts, threads, discussions, and submissions as inappropriate and remove them as needed.
    • Delete comments
    • Lock or close threads.
  2. Create and manage events
    • Exclude members from events for any reason
    • Disqualify members for violating event and/or community guidelines
    • Postpone and reschedule events as necessary
  3. Request members to update information based on the required guidelines
  4. Kick, suspend, ban members for violations of the TPTH Community Policies.
    • Edit and remove member accounts on the TPTH site
    • Block IP addresses from accessing any and/or all parts of the site
    • Suspend member accounts for any reason necessary
  5. Request additional information, such as mailing and email addresses, names, ages and date of births for our mature events and/or for shipping purposes.
    • Store that information within our TPTH site. Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for additional information on how we store personal data
  6. Collect donation payments via Patreon and/or the website.
    • Offer refunds at their discretion
    • Accept or reject payments

The terms above are subject to change at any given time, altering other various policies to correspond with the updates. These changes and updates will be posted on our blog, highlighting anything significant and relevant for our members. By becoming a member, and participating in any fashion in the community, you hereby agree to abide by these guidelines, and confirm that you have read this, our Disclaimer, our privacy policy, and TOS to completion. You agree to have a complete understanding of these terms, and therefore acknowledge that your actions are your responsibility and you cannot and will not take action against TPTH.

For further questions, contact us at To speak with the administrators, email us at We typically respond to inquiries within 1 business day.