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Event Requirements

Posting an Event requires all the prudent details to that event, including links to any guides, documents, and the location of the event. Please include these within the body of the event. Additional requirements include…

  1. The title.
  2. Featured Image for BVDNs, Smutfest, and The Fic Club. These banners can be found in the TPTH Promo Image Drive Folder.
  3. The Event categories, labels, and tags.
  4. The Date and Time of the Event. The start time is all that is needed. The End Date and Time can be hidden.
  5. In the Time Comment text box, include the Timezone.
  6. Hosts and co-hosts.

Prompt Requirements

If the event includes prompts, the Hourly Schedule can be utilized. Heres how to use it…

  1. Click “Add Day”
  2. Title the Day. For example, the Smutfest event will be separated into at least 7 days worth of prompts. The Titles for each day can be “Sunday Prompt”.
  3. Click “Add” to add hours to that day. Include the from and to time, with timezones, titles, and description if needed.
  4. Repeat steps as needed for new days and new hours.

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