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Noted and highly respected as a scientist, an engineer, and an inventor, Bulma is both your average, and not-so-average, woman. Like many others, her life is filled with chaos, drama, peace, and unique experiences.

Despite her busy day-to-day schedule, she finds the time to raise her family while helping to defeat evil-doers. Throughout all of this, she still has the energy to keep her Saiyan husband from blowing up the Earth or killing her best friend.

Her experiences have led others to seek her guidance, and after seeing the mountain of letters sitting in her inbox, Bulma decided to pull up her sleeves and get to work. Now, she’s adding Advice Columnist to her resume, and she’s here to help YOU!

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‘Normal’ is a relative term. When it comes to sex and relationships, whatever makes you feel happy and fulfilled is the only ‘normal’ you should be striving for, and whatever that looks like is up to you.




Bulma tackles wedding jitters, making new friends, and finding adventure on the cheap.




Hi, there! Bulma Briefs here. It’s your lucky day because this stunning and brilliant scientist is here to answer all your most pressing questions.
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Got Questions?


Wondering how the advice column works? We’ll tell ya!

Bulma endeavors to respond to every letter she receives, at the rate of at least one per month. You can find her responses above, as well as in Capsule Mail Monthly.

We apologize if the advice wasn’t to your standards. If you find yourself unable to take comfort in her words, you are more than welcome to ignore it, as ultimately the decision is yours with which how to handle your issue.

You are more than welcome to take your concerns to the editor of the newsletter if need be. You can do so here.

The column is actually written by fanfiction author 1VulgarWoman, who assumes the tone, personality, and characteristics of Bulma Briefs. This talented woman has a degree and background in English and Print Journalism!

Each article written is also carefully monitored, edited, and reviewed by the Editor, jadefyre.

Anything from relationship advice, to beauty tips, to life’s stresses, and ending with fandom fun! We must stress that, although she is here to help aid you in your day-to-day problems, Bulma (or TPTH) is not liable, or responsible for any aftermath that could result from the advice given. It is up to the reader to determine compliance with the guidance offered, and thus the reader acknowledges and agrees with these terms upon submitting a question to the column.

No! In fact, we highly recommend all questioners use an alias, similar to Dear Abby’s readers. Whatever name you put in the field will be public, so the decision is yours in the end.

Although Bulma’s goal is to answer each and every question submitted, she also reserves the right to sort through these inquiries and select which to respond to first. If it’s been more than 30 days, and you still haven’t received a response, please notify the Editorial Staff at

Please avoid submitting the same question twice. Multiple submissions from the same person will result in your letter meeting the trash bin. We will be happy to discuss your concerns in private, if you give us the chance!