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It is TPTH’s goal to give their members the best experience in the Vegebul fandom, and to ensure this happens, we have endeavored to never charge a membership fee. In the interest to give the community what they deserve, we have created this donations page, and thus, are asking you to aid us on this journey.

Donations don’t always mean just monetary offerings; sharing, liking, and supporting us by participating in our events is more than we could ever ask for! However, in the event you decide to financially support us, we have put together a few care packages to show our immense gratitude.

Why Donate?

Among many other reasons, donations help us to properly maintain the website with the necessary updates, while also helping us to cover all hosting costs. In return, we will gift our members, namely you, with exciting content! Find out more below.

We’re attempting to not only provide a non-judgmental space for our members to create limitless art, we’re also encouraging our members to take an active interest in keeping this fandom alive. In order to do so, we want to supply unique and captivating content that will keep our members returning, and we want to share this wonderful attention with you. As we rise to the top, we’ll be taking you with us!

The community is made up of thousands of content creators just trying to share their passion, but unfortunately to do so requires time, patience, blood, sweat, tears, and money. If we can make it easier for our members to find their favorite content, have fun, and earn awesome rewards, then our goal has been accomplished.


Every dollar given to TPTH goes directly back into the community to help us create awesome content explicitly for YOU!

That includes, but is not limited too…

  • Funding for our site Hosting and Domain, and any other site premium features. Hosting and domain names can cost more than a few bucks, and without it we wouldn’t be here. Premium features can include hiring a web developer should the site need extensive updates, or routine maintenance to make your experience with us all the more better.
  • Funding for our Podcasts/Podfics, including studio quality equipment, audio and video software, and the hiring of any recording artists who have extensive experience in maintaining and producing exemplary products.
  • Staff Compensation, including offering commission to our artist illustrators who spend a great deal of their time, talents, and energy in providing us with wonderful artwork.
  • Purchasing physical gifts for our reward tiers. Although TPTH is sponsored, we will also be contributing our own gifts as well. These gifts can range anywhere from DBZ-related goods, to tickets to the next upcoming DBZ/Anime convention! The possibilities are endless.


Currently, donations are made on a monthly basis, and will continually be taken out of whatever account you have activated at that time. For the duration of your payments, you will receive the tier benefits.

You can cancel your donation at any time. All benefits, however, will cease upon the termination of your monthly donation, including any patron-only Discord roles you earned at the time.


You’ll be charged upon the initial signup of the tier, as well as every first of the month following afterwards. You can cancel your subscription at any time.


TPTH is happy to refund you if any of these situations apply to you.

  • You’ve been charged twice in one month, which is against our payment regulations. This excludes upgrading tiers. You will be charged the difference.
  • You’ve been charged even after canceling your monthly donation payments.
  • The donation wasn’t made by you. In the event this occurs, we urge you to contact your bank and cancel/freeze the card. If your donation was made as fraudulent, Patreon will take measures into ensuring your money is returned. You will need to go through the proper measures to get money back, starting with your bank.
  • If your physical gift never shows to your address. Before requesting a refund, we ask you to notify us first of this grievance and allow us to rectify the situation to the best of our abilities! Please note our shipping ETAs found under “How will I receive my tier gifts?”

Please note: Patreons must request a refund in 10 days from initial payment made. We reserve the right to refuse refunds for any reason. Refunds will only be distributed for the month requested, and not for your overall annual donation. We request before asking for a refund that you give us a chance to make things right. We will go above and beyond to ensure satisfaction is met!

More information on requesting refunds through Patreon


The money you donate to us will earn you a variety of carefully thought out gifts, personalized messages, and bonus content that will never see public eye. In other words, we want to make sure you get a little something in return for being an amazing supporter of TPTH.

This can be anything from…

  • Podcast/Podfic bonus episodes (or season passes if we get enough donations to create this)
  • Fandom Legend Interviews with people you will most definitely recognize!
  • Special Articles that won’t make it into the normal Capsule Mail newsletter, such as Dear Bulma articles written by Vegeta himself.
  • Signed Artwork from one of our TPTH Illustrators.
  • A unique DBZ toy such as a Pop, figurine, or even the DBZ games for console/PC.
  • Manga/DVD single or box sets.
  • Featured Promotional Ad Space anywhere on TPTH.
  • and much, much more!
Oh, and did we mention that no matter how much you donate, you’ll make it onto our Wall of Awesomeness?! Consider it a token of our gratitude for supporting us!


The Wall of Awesomeness is a place where our donators are honored for their generosity. The spot they earn is permanent, no matter how much they donate. 


It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 48 hours for your name to appear. If after the 2 day mark your name hasn’t made it on the Wall, please contact a staff member to look into this.


As we are starting out, we plan to post one to two times a month; moving forward, the posts will increase with time.


Delivery of tier gifts depends on the rewards of that particular tier. Some tiers will require you to provide a shipping address, as the reward is of a physical nature. Others may not prompt you for an address, which means your gift is digital.

Digital Gifts

Digital gifts includes links and downloads. Some of these gifts require a valid email address to obtain the item in question. Delivery of these gifts are made after payment has cleared. These gifts are only valid for the duration of your donation. Termination of your payments results in benefits lost.

Please be sure to read the description of the tier you’ve signed up for. Some digital gifts are only given once.

Physical Gifts

Shipping is included in the donation payment you’ve made, so there is no need to pay extra. We cover any additional costs needed.

All shipping is standard. Items will be shipped when payment has been cleared. Some shipping costs are accommodated by our sponsors so you never have to spend a dime. Additionally, shipping dates are determined based on their shipping policies, which do not reflect the times below.

For gifts provided by the TPTH staff, you can expect the following ETA:

  • US residents: You will receive your gift between 3-5 business days after initial contact from us. If your gift is delivered via our sponsor, ETAs may differ according to their shipping policy.
  • International: Gift delivery will take anywhere between 2-6 weeks, depending on customs.

If your gift is sent during a holiday season, we cannot guarantee accurate shipping times.

You will receive a tracking number upon the date of shipping. When supplying us with your address, please include a valid email and/or reliable phone number for contact purposes.


Still have questions?

Current Major Goals

Cover Hosting

Help us reach a goal of $150 USD/month to cover our hosting and domain costs!

Bonus Material

Help us reach a goal of $500 USD/month to record and release our very first BONUS podcast session. Episodes may include anything from special guests to ficlet live readings, and more!


When we reach $1,000 USD/month we'll begin creating and selling TPTH branded merchandise! This includes giving away digital prints and much more.


With a goal of $2,000 USD/month, we'll be able to make amazing changes to the site overall, including hiring a developer to help us perform maintenance checks.

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