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We’re always looking for more people to help make TPTH an even better community. If you think you have what it takes, then check out our staff positions below!


The cream of the crop! Moderators are in charge of maintaining order throughout the community, even within the staff. They assist in rule enforcing, event planning and hosting, and community outreach. This position requires you to have four simple things: passion, time, respect, and the ability to lead by example!

Editorial Staff

If you’re an innovative writer and enjoy content creation, then why not join the Capsule Mail Editorial Team? Aside from assisting with the Newsletter output, the Editorial Team helps to manage article and news within the community.

Artist Illustrator

See your artwork on the site! Our Artist Illustrators are in charge of supplying beautiful imagery to TPTH in exchange for free ad space. Don’t worry, we don’t claim your art as our own, and your credit will always remain in tact.

Audio Narratives

For the vocally talented interested in dipping their hands in creating audio book versions for fanfiction. Every piece you record, you will receive full credit for, and it will be hosted on our Patreon.

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Moderators are the tools that make sure everything is running smoothly within the machine that is the TPTH Community. It is important that the Staff maintain a level of awareness in their duties as the appointed leaders of TPTH, and are expected to act with an air of decorum and respect when dealing with any and all matters, big or insignificant.

Duties performed are designed explicitly with thoroughness and must be completed in a timely manner. Aside from being a team player, Moderators must be able to:

  • Work with little to no supervision
  • Meet project deadlines promptly
  • Communicate effectively and openly
  • Be familiar with the rules and regulations of the community
  • Handle disputes, violations, and conflicts
  • Manage, plan, and execute events on time and with enthusiasm
  • Construct and schedule posts 
  • and more…

New Staff members begin at the starting role of Moderator with the eligibility for promotion and are place immediately in our training program. To be considered for the position, you must:

  • Maintain an open and honest line of communication at all times
  • Have a great work ethic and enjoy working in a team-based environment
  • Have the ability to think critically and problem-solve
  • Be eager and willing to grow, adapt, and learn new things
  • Meet every challenge with enthusiasm and a positive attitude
  • Be determined, persistent, and confident in their duties
  • Above all else, be a great team-player, work in harmony with your peers, and enjoy the community to the fullest!

TPTH is ran by a group of voluntary-based individuals, and the site is managed by donations from our peers. It is important to keep in mind as you work with TPTH that your role as a leader will take place during your free time and of your free will.

You understand that the position is not a paid position, and benefits of your new role come in the guise of making new, amazing friendships, helping a community of thriving individuals to grow and prosper, and receiving the opportunity to harness your skillset by learning new things and growing as a leader!

Editorial Staff

Articles and publications made for Capsule Mail Monthly will also be posted to the site for archive use. Writers must be able to work within a strict deadline, be efficient in grammar and spelling, and should have an eye for detail and creativity.

All topics will retain to DBZ; primarily in the realm of Bulma and Vegeta with the option to explore, loosely, in other related fandom topics. Assignments will be delegated at the hand of the editor.

Issues involving outside sources must be credited appropriately before publishing. It is the responsibility of the writer to obtain the permission of the OP (original poster) to use the information and/or imagery in written form.

Article lengths should be no less than 300 words and no more than 500 words per issue. Content should be engaging, and written with passion and hype with the intent to involve the readers. There should be no trace of misleading information or spelling/grammar/punctuation errors. Each publication must be edited and receive the editors approval before reaching the newsletter.

All members of the Editorial Staff (and guest authors) are subject to the Editorial Submission Policy, which states that, in the interest of the Vegebul fandom:

All topics, assignments, articles, and submissions are subject to approval.

We reserve the right to edit submissions for clarity or brevity. We endeavor to keep the original voice and content intact, so if your piece requires extensive reworking, a member of the editorial team will get in touch to work with you and bring it in line with TPTH’s content policy.

By submitting to TPTH, you give us non-exclusive rights to publish your work in our monthly publication or other community promotional material. That means you still retain the right to publish your work elsewhere, such as your personal blog or another fandom publication. TPTH believes in giving credit where credit is due, so your byline will always remain intact.

For additional information on our submission policy, please contact the editor.

Currently, Capsule Mail is accepting applications for column exclusive writing. This means approved staff members will be managing their own column including monthly and semi-monthly publications.

In order to be eligible for such a task, Writers must provide up to 5 samples of article writing with the option of references. Samples must be free of errors to be considered.

Artist Illustrators

Artist Illustrators are a team of talented individuals who create and supply the beautiful imagery that is scattered across TPTH. Though they aren’t members of the upper staff who control and moderate behind the scenes, Illustrators are still considered to be on the staff roster and affiliated with the community.

Illustrators often work closely with a member of the Moderating Staff to produce project results on an agreed upon timeline and to ensure quality control. Projects also vary depending on need and demand of the community.

It is expected that Illustrators:

  • Maintain an open and honest line of communication at all times. This is crucial to maintain a healthy work environment and a prospering partnership.
  • Stick to a schedule that works in harmony with the projects assigned to them to prevent missed deadlines.
  • Respect the team, the work, the projects, and the community by honoring our confidentiality agreement, which will be offered upon induction.
  • Be enthusiastic about their work and the Vegebul fandom!

Once inducted into the staff roster, and after completing their first project, Illustrators will earn a “Forever Spot” on our Thank You page. This includes permanent promotion for the duration of your partnership with TPTH.

As the community grows even larger than before, we endeavor to offer as much good PR for our Illustrators as possible by granting them the opportunity to promote their skills and talent via our frontpage, newsletter, and fan spotlights!

Additionally, as a token of our gratitude, Illustrators will be granted immediate (FREE) access to all restricted sections of the TPTH Community, including our member’s only pages, special events, and reward-driven drawings.

TPTH will be granted non-exclusive rights to use the work given to us for our site, events, promos, and other community related functions.

We acknowledge that the artwork is explicitly owned, 100%, by the original creator, and as such, we will never tarnish, remove, edit, tamper, or otherwise decredit your artwork, even if our partnership were to come to an end.

We will  never sell your artwork for a profit, or claim it as our own. In the event TPTH finds the need or desire to use your artwork for anything other than the terms listed, you will be contacted to begin negotiations that will benefit both parties involved.

Audio Narratives

Narratives must have access to their own recording equipment such as…

  • A microphone (such as Yeti Blue)
  • Recording software, such as Adobe Premiere or Audacity
  • An enclosed, quiet room to record in

TPTH will not financially compensate narratives for the use of their equipment, nor will TPTH provide additional equipment.

All narratives will be required to have time set aside for recording purposes. Job details include…

  • Recording your own voice
  • Re-recording over mistakes if vocal hiccups are made (such as stuttering, coughing, etc)
  • Clocking the time and length of the recording
  • Providing a completed file within the deadline, in the appropriate format

It is also preferred (but not required) if you…

  • Have experience with recording and any audio software
  • Have a degree in sound engineering
  • Have access to a soundproof studio
  • Have the know-how to edit your own recordings

Recordings will be reviewed by the staff before the initial release. Narratives are expected to be available to aid in correcting mistakes made during the session. Any recordings made by the narrative will be offered to them for free with the condition they don’t share the file with any other party.

Narratives will receive credit for any recording they create on our behalf, including their name and links to whatever website/profile they own.