Meet the Staff

Meet the Crew

It’s not a one person job, that’s for sure! Meet and greet the faces behind the scenes of TPTH, and if you’re feeling courteous, visit their pages and send them some love!



Ghostwriter by day, fanction author by night, Crystal has seared her passion and love for writing in her every day life, so much so she helped to create TPTH back in 2016.

Now, she and her team work together to manage this wonderful community, from planning big events, to gifting members with awesome rewards. Filled with creative passion, she is always on the hunt for the next best thing to challenge her.

Currently, Crystal spends her life outside of the community as an upcoming published author. When she’s not hitting the books, she’s usually terrorizing her fiancé, doing yoga, or spending time with her friends and family



Mallie, also known as Mallie-3, is a lover of the Vegebul community who has gone by this pseudonym since 2003. She has written for many fandoms, which include Inuyasha, Star Wars, and Once Upon a Time. Her longest standing and deepest love, however, has been and always will be Bulma and Vegeta.

Beginning this obsession in 2003, Mallie has been an active participant by reading and promoting fanfiction and creating challenges for the members, such as the ever popular BVDN.

To her, an active and happy community is the best community and she deeply enjoys the fact it has stood strong all these years, and like her team, she cannot wait to see where it goes from here.

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Are you looking to become part of the TPTH experience? Excellent! Our community is always looking for new and innovative ways to make our members time with us more enjoyable, and we need you to do that. Join the team and help to bring the change you envision to this FAN-TASTIC group of people! 


Senior Moderator

Also known as musicofthespheres on Archive of Our Own, jadefyre has been a fan of DBZ since 2016, when she dove into the fandom by writing a Coffee Shop AU entitled Black Coffee. 

Since then, she has worked in collaboration with other authors and artists to organize events such as TPTH’s monthly BVDNs and their sister community Vegebulocracy’s Big Bang 2018. She is always full of ideas and willing to try every single one until something sticks. 

In her spare time, jadefyre likes to write fanfiction, try her hand at fanart, and hang out with her husband and cats. 



Rockykelba was an ordinary, run-of-the-mill DB fan when her husband introduced her to the series, but by the time Vegeta debuted in DBZ it was game over…

Since then, she has gone absolutely bananas, binging on fanfic and fanart like it’s three seconds to doomsday. She joined up with TPTH and VBO in 2018 as a moderator to get her fix with other Vegebul addicts. She also wrote a few fics under the same pseudonym.

When she’s not fangirling, she is probably at a concert with her husband, aimlessly walking around the city, or watching political satire with her two cats.



Ressa is widely known for being an active promoter of Vegebul fanfiction. Her 32 year long passion for anime led her to join the ranks of TPTH where she now helps to moderator the community, while also monitoring for new and exciting updates from the followers.

Since the age of 19, Ressa looked to other fandoms for fictional writing, and ever since, she has been a die-hard fan and the ultimate Vegebul supporter!



Hobby hopper, HannaBellLecter, jumped into the Vegebul fandom after her husband introduced her to the Dragon Ball series. Starting her fandom obsession, she began writing her first fic, drawing, and eventually founded a community of her own in hopes of appreciating less popular characters and ships in the fandom.

When the mood strikes, Hanna enjoys cross stitching and crochet, but not nearly as much as she enjoys doing things for her family.