New Year Brings New Change

And it's going to be Amazing!

The new year is bringing about new changes for TPTH, and we are so excited to kick 2019 with this announcement!

Since Tumblr enforced their new policy, TPTH has been working hard to adjust, and because of this we decided to take a good, hard look at ourselves. So, over the last few weeks, we put a few questions to the community regarding TPTH’s future – the main one being a community website ran by TPTH.

We held a poll on our Twitter and asked for feedback, and we’re so thankful for the suggestions and advice we received. The response we got, we really took into consideration, so it’s time to share what our current plan is.

As of right now, TPTH is currently developing a website. This website won’t be public for some time; we’re really carefully planning how to mold it into what we both need and want, and it is our hope to make it interactive for our members to use. This, unfortunately, requires time and patience – and as we get further into the developments we’ll be seeking to grow our staff to help maintain the site. If you have questions about this, please reach out to us!

Now, let’s talk about our new events!

2019 is already proving to be a big year, as we’ve added a new arsenal of events to our list. The first, we’ve already announced – The 2019 Vegebul Games.

This year long game, we hope, will inspire our members to be more active under a controlled semi-competitive environment, and allow us to give back over the course of the year with amazing rewards and fantastic prizes! If you didn’t know, the Games allows you to use any kind of work you’ve made during 2019, TPTH or VBO, and submit it for points. It’s pretty awesome!   

The second event is our new Fic Club. Similar to a book club, the Fic Club will focus on DBZ fanfiction and involve open discussion and review. To keep interested parties updated and involved, we’ve added a new self-assignable role dubbed Fic Club Members. Also, we’ve just posted the Club Guidelines to #the-fic-club channel, including the Title Submission Form, which anyone can submit to. Below are the links for further details.

Now, our beloved Smutfest. One of our biggest motivations for creating the website. We are super excited to move it over, but unfortunately, we will not be able to host this years event there. So, until we are ready to move, Smutfest will take place here on Discord, or on Reddit. We’ve adjusted the rules since October 2018, so please check out those changes before you participate in the next Smutfest. You can find the link for that below as well!

With the Smutfest becoming an annual event, we have plans to making mini-kink events over the year, so look out for the announcement regarding those over the next few months. We probably won’t host any until summer, but we’ll make sure to keep you all posted.

Finally, our Workshops. We’re still in the process of developing the workshops, but in the next 2 to 3 months we’ll hopefully have hosted one. We are carefully planning each event and are trying to involve our members every step of the way, so be patient with us as we carry on.

Furthermore, we’re always looking for our members to offer their thoughts and opinions, so never hesitate in speaking openly with what you believe we need to improve on. You can do so by either contacting us, leaving a comment below, or seeking us out on Discord via our Suggestions Channel!

The Fic Club Guidelines:

Submit a Title:

View the Reading Title Checklist:

Check out the 2019 Vegebul Games:

Join the TPTH Staff:

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