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Obviously, this is an event that is dedicated to Vegeta and Bulma from DBZ or DBS. It celebrates the smutty, intimate, erotic, and more adult side of their relationship. No censors apply! Authors and artists alike are welcomed to participate.

The Vegebul Smutfest will be held once a year during the month of February for Valentine’s Day. Prompts for the next year will be released during Summer. Each Smutfest will start and end at 11:59 PM EST U.S. Please use a Time Zone Converter to know your time zone equivalent.

Yes. Only those who are 18 years of age or older may participate in this event. In order to be granted access, you must first verify your date of birth with a member of staff by either joining our Discord server and obtaining the role, or by emailing us at to verify your age.

Author’s will be guided to AO3 where they will be able to add their Smutfest submissions to our Collection stored there. We will link to the collection for ease of access. Every submission sent there will need approval from the staff, as we will be checking the tags for clarification and accuracy.

Artist’s will be prompted to add their fanart to our Smutfest Gallery located directly on the site. They are also welcomed to post their work elsewhere, as our form allows you to promote your blogs and/or website to garner more traffic.

Finally, all your work must be inspired by the prompt of the day. Most importantly, all work submitted must be original content, made from scratch, and entirely NEW!

In other words, if you created something in the past and want to submit it, we will not accept it, including; uncredited work (work made from reference without acknowledgment), stolen work, and any work that includes graphics/dialogue from another artist’s piece without approval. We will accept all kinds of content (no OC) from fanart and fanfiction, to fan-made videos and graphics.

Sidenote: You are not required to fulfill every prompt in order to participate and are more than welcomed to come up with your own prompts to post to the TPTH Smutfest Collection and/or our site! Please refer to “Where can I find the prompts?” for more information about non-prompts.

There is no word count requirement for any fanfiction. We want to give you as much of a blank canvas as possible so you have creative freedom! You are free to write a drabble, one-shot, or a full chaptered story.

Not at all! We will accept hand-sketches, doujinshi, digital art, recordings of your drawings, full-colored works, semi-colored works, or no color! As long as it is your own personal work and made from scratch specifically for the Smutfest, it is eligible.

As this is a Vegebul-centric community, we do not support other couples, pairings, or original characters. We do, however, support AUs, gender-benders, role reversals, headcanons, and canon work of the OTP. Cameo’s of other character’s in the fandom are acceptable as long as the kink and fluffery is between Bulma and Vegeta (unless the prompt explicitly states otherwise).

If you would consider free promotion a prize, then hell yes! The best thing about the Smutfest is there is absolutely no voting for the best work and no competition against others. It was strictly designed to help artists and authors get their name and their work out there for pure enjoyment! Of course, we will host other events (such as gift giveaways) that will have a prize attached to the competition, but rules for that will be posted separately, so keep your eye peeled if you’re interested in competing.


Erotic Day Prompts

There are a minimum of 7 Erotic Day Prompts with the occasional, and optional, 2 Bonus Days afterwards. Bonus prompts are tentative per event, and not mandatory to fulfill.

Prompts, themes, and bonus prompts will be released every June to give all participants a fair start to work. Bonus Prompts are tentative for each year and may not be utilized for each Smutfest.

By visiting the Smutfest page or the Event Announcement page. You can also find the prompts in our Smutfest Announcement Channel on Discord.

You will also be able to find past prompts on our Erotic Day Prompts Wiki found on Reddit.

That depends on your media.

Fanfiction Submissions

All Smutfest fanfiction must be posted to our AO3 Smutfest Collection here. We will link directly to the collection so all our members will be able to find you! Each submission is required to have the day prompt, the Smutfest year, our community name, and the correct filter tags fitted for your work. Be assured, we will be combing through every submission, double checking tags for efficiency. Posts with specific triggers will be closely monitored by our Ethics Committee as well. (For more information about our Ethics Committee, visit here)

Fanart Submissions

Submissions concerning images will be posted directly to our Smutfest gallery. Artists must be a member of our website in order to access the posting form. Fanart must be accompanied with the correct tags. 

All posted work must include:

  • The Day Prompt
  • The Smutfest Year
  • Your Name/Pen Name

*You must be approved by a staff member in order to participate. Members who have previously received the Discord Role for Smutfest and/or the 18+ Confirmed role will only have to verify their registered email address and Discord username so that we can open the event to you.

We want everyone to draw/write to their comfort level, so if you aren’t comfortable to draw exposed sex or write overly explicit scenes, you don’t have to! As long as it contains some level of smut, fluff, or intimacy/romance between Bulma and Vegeta, then it’s acceptable!

Please do so! We encourage shameless promotion! #noshame

Multiple pieces of art can be submitted per a single prompt! There is no limit.


It is also crucial that all work is properly tag. Please make sure to do the following:

  1. On AO3, tag your work with TPTH Vegebul Smutfest and The Prince and the Heiress, including the Day Prompt(s), the year of the event, and any additional filtering tags necessary for your fic.
  2. On the website, Artists must tag your work with these tags…
    1. The Day Prompt tag as its shown with the prompt
    2. The year of the Smutfest
    3. Your Author Name
    4. Any additional tags you feel is needed

Once been forbidden tags are now allowed to be used; this includes the tags NSFW, EROTIC, SEX, HENTAI, etc…

Yes! Creating new tags are welcomed. We need to stress that you only add the tags after you’ve added our required tags.

The following tags are an absolute must!

  • #tpthvegebulsmutfest
  • #year (The year of the Smutfest)
  • #theprinceandtheheiress
  • #daypromptname (The Day Prompt tag as shown with each day prompt)

We choose our featured work at random, and often by tag association. Some of the Smutfest contributions will appear in Capsule Mail, but they will only appear in our mature issues, which are only sent when we have the content to send.

Sure. The only tag we take ownership of is the Smutfest tag and our personal community tag, which you can happily use elsewhere as well. However, please exercise caution when you post your kinky work elsewhere. We do not have control on whether those places will accept it or not, hence why we encourage posting through the site, AO3, DeviantArt, and Twitter.


It is entirely possible that with the amount of traffic TPTH receives your work may have been pushed to the bottom of the line. We recommend checking your Submission Dashboard under your Account Details to see if the title is “Live”.

If you’ve searched and didn’t find your submission, or your submission appears in your Dashboard, but it says “Offline” that means its under review and you need to contact the staff.

then review your posts to make sure that they weren’t saved as a draft.

Also, check the date of when you posted. If it was before the proper date of the prompt you created, then it was removed by the Mods. Mistakes happen, so make sure to post on the correct date.

Finally, if all else fails, contact a Mod and we’ll assist you with the matter. DO NOT POST AGAIN until we give you the go ahead! We don’t want your work to appear as spam, so always reach out to a mod before continuing any further past the instructions above.

If you sent your work to a Mod for assistance, it is entirely possible we overlooked it. We do lead busy lives and are unable to remain online 24/7. Send us a friendly reminder if a full day has passed and we’ll look into it.

Of course! The best thing about this event is you will have months to finish your work! We will accept entries ALL the way up to the next Smutfest and we also encourage shameless self-promotion! But once the next Smutfest begins, you will not be able to post for the previous season’s prompts.

We also request you do not post your work before the day of the designated prompt anywhere. You may submit your work early to us by emailing us at and we’ll make sure it appears on the correct day, but posting early anywhere is a no-no.

If you do send your work to us to post on your behalf, please send us either the name or email you’ve registered with so that we may provide you with the credit.

In order to participate in the Smutfest, you must have a verified account with TPTH. If you don’t, you can easily register with us here. Signing up is completely free as there is no membership fee.

Additionally, you will need to confirm your age and date of birth with a member of staff. You may contact us on Discord or through

First, accusing a fellow artist/author of stealing is a pretty serious allegation that we do not take lightly. If you have proof that the work that has been submitted to the Smutfest is, in fact, stolen, then you must contact the TPTH Mods immediately! You can do this one of two ways…

  1. PRIVATE MESSAGE… No matter how you contact us, you will remain anonymous and any information that is given to us will remain private. You can message one of the staff on Discord. Our contact info is below.
      1. The_Crystal_Rose#9036 – Admin
      2. Mallie-3 🧚💜#4473 – Admin
      3. jadefyre#5004 – Sr. Mod
      4. rockykelboa#3063 – Mod
      5. HannaBellLecter#3161 – Mod
      6. RessaW#0449 – Mod
  2. USE OUR “REPORT ABUSE” FORM… Using our Report Abuse contact form (which is always open) allows everyone to remain anonymous if they so choose.

Once you contact us, we will request some additional information in order to begin our own investigation. Please remember that we only have control over what appears on our own website and community and we do not have the authority nor the control to rid the internet of any stolen artwork.

PLAGIARISM POLICY PROCESS: All 5 Moderators will be called into an emergency meeting to discuss and review any stolen work. The process could take upwards of several days and until then, the work may remain on the Tumblr page until a decision has been reached. The decision for user banishment must be unanimous amongst ALL Moderators. Once our investigation has concluded, we will contact the original artist, the “perp”, and the “witness” individually. No private information will be shared and all parties will remain anonymous.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not condone hate amongst the TPTH community, even against those who have done wrong. If word reaches the Admins that the “perp”, the “witness”, or the original artist is being harassed in any way, we will take immediate action!

Absolutely not. This event is a public event and as such, all works of art must remain free to view. If you want your work to be considered part of the Smutfest, you cannot post it to your Patreon later. If it’s discovered that your work from the Smutfest is found on your Patreon, you will be asked to remove it and failure to do so will result in immediate action at the Mods discretion.

Yes, in order for your work to be part of the Smutfest, we do require English translation. We will not turn away foreign speaking/writing artists just because of a different language, but we will ask out of respect that you translate your work so that everyone may enjoy it! You can post both pieces.

Absolutely not! Everything on the Vegebul Smutfest is owned by their respective artists, completely and 100%. However, you are more than welcomed to speak to the artist themselves and ask for their explicit permission. We highly recommend you reference our PLAGIARISM POLICY above if you consider taking without asking.

Still have A question?

We’re here to help! Our response time is anywhere between 15 minutes to 24 hours. Just fill out the form and we’ll assist you soon.