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Welcome to the original Vegebul Smutfest; a special event that takes place once a year over the course of the week of Valentine’s Day. Made to satisfy the inner pervert in you, the Smutfest encourages the members of the fandom to step outside their comfort zone by creating some erotic content of their choosing and sharing it with their fellow peers.

This event is explicitly mature, and due to its graphic nature, it is now a requirement that participants must register to join, post, or view.

Smutfest is now a sponsored event! Scroll down for more details.

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-2020 Erotic Day Prompts-

Galactic Affairs


9th - 15th

| Bonus Days

16th - 17th


The Station


The Control Centre


The Brig


The Crews Quarters


The Infirmary


The Lab


The Training Facility

Bonus 1

The Airlock Hatch

Bonus 2

The Escape Pods

-general rules-



Originally hosted on Tumblr, the Smutfest has grown into one of the largest and most popular Vegebul-centric events. Due to its explicitly graphic contents, the Smutfest is restricted to members of the TPTH community who have confirmed they are over the age of 18, and have registered for the event.

Registered participants will have full access to all Smutfest events, including various other mature content we host. Make sure to fill out the registration form here to get access.

Smutfest is hosted annually in February, during the week of Valentine’s Day. Dates will be posted above with the required prompts.

Participating requires you to be a TPTH member, and to be over the age of 18. In order to register for the event, you must confirm your date of birth with a member of staff, and acquire the roles 18+ Confirmed and Smutfest on our Discord Server.

Once registered, you will receive exclusive access to the Smutfest gallery.

Submission requirements vary per media, but all submissions must be properly tagged with the day prompt, the year, and our handle, TPTH Vegebul Smutfest. This includes posting anywhere.

Authors will be directed to the Smutfest AO3 Collection to submit, while Authors can post directly to our gallery page.

All submissions must be new, original, and all about Vegebul (no OC pairings). Participants are given a completely blank canvas to create their inspirations from the prompts. References used must always be credited with your submissions.

For more information, please download our Guide.

You are encouraged to draw or write to your comfort level. Meaning you can include as much or as little romance, eroticism, fluff, smut, or kink in with your work.

The best thing about Smutfest is you have the entire year to submit your work to the event. Smutfest is only active for one week, but we leave submissions for that years prompts open until the next Smutfest event the following year.

TPTH’s Smutfest is now sponsored by Serenity in Chains LLC, a designer jewelry company that specializes in the creation of intimate and chainmail jewelry. Only participants of that year will be eligible to receiving a gift. Gifts will be determined randomly, and distributed by lottery draw. Gifts may be forfeited, if desired, and will be given to the next lucky draw.

Those who receive a gift will also get an email from with a link and image of the gift. Please be sure to add this email to your contacts. Recipients must respond within 3 days to receive the gift before we draw another name. It is required we have a shipping address in order to ship to your location. We will cover all shipping costs.

TPTH will ship gifts anywhere in the world, and we cover the costs. We will submit you a form to fill out to receive your gift. All gifts are sent via USPS or FedEx and are shipped between 3-5 business days of your response and acceptance of the gift. Gifts cannot be returned or exchanged.

Delivery varies on location. All shipping is sent as standard. Residents located in the US will receive their gifts within 3-5 business days of the shipping date. International locations are 2-6 weeks.

Gift Giveaway Sponsored Event!

We are proud to announce that Smutfest is now being sponsored! Say hello to Serenity in Chains Ltd, a jewelry company that dedicates its time to creating beautifully hand-crafted intimate jewelry (as well as various chainmail designs). Because of this wonderful sponsor, we will now be giving away one piece of designer jewelry to a lucky participant. We encourage everyone to visit their store!

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