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Are you interested in sponsoring a giveaway for TPTH? Our giveaways are special events where we reward our members with physical product they will appreciate! These events range anywhere from our monthly BVDNs to our Smutfest, and more.

These gift giveaway sponsored happenings are a great way to build brand awareness for you and your business with an audience of dedicated Vegebul lovers. In exchange for your graciousness, we offer site-wide promotion for the duration of our partnership with a link directing back to your shop.

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Our Sponsorship Program is an agreed partnership between your company and TPTH, but we like to consider it more of a beneficial friendship between two entities who share a common goal. In exchange for the gifts our members receive from you, we offer you community-wide promotion for the duration of our partnership based on a promotional schedule that is updated periodically to fit in our other sponsors, as well as suiting our member’s needs. We are excited for you to join our wonderful team!

Sponsorship FAQ

We’ve provided more info on some of our most frequently asked questions about our giveaways below. If we can answer anything else, please contact us.

How are giveaways conducted?

Most of our giveaways are conducted primarily on the website, but occasionally we host events on our Discord Server, and various social media. We do not use a randomizer tool unless we are celebrating a milestone.

Sponsors can run as many giveaways as they’d like. Note we offer specific events to specific sponsors, so don’t be alarmed if you discover we are hosting a giveaway event that you are not the sponsor of. We will provide plentiful opportunity for you to sponsor an event!

Will I receive a list of entrants and emails?

No. Our privacy policy prohibits the sharing of personal information on the entrants. You will be notified of the winner at the end of the event, and they will be in contact with you for shipping information. We provide nothing more than the winners name.

How are sponsors and giveaways promoted?

All of our giveaways are promoted both in our newsletter and across our social media accounts, as well as on the TPTH site. We will run specific product promotion solely on the information of that product you provide.

Product promotions are switched out on a bi-weekly and monthly basis between our social media, newsletter, Discord, and the website. You are responsible for supplying us with the product and information you wish to spotlight, including graphic images for ad promotion in any of following sizes:

  • Rectangle 300x100px (72 dpi)
  • Leaderboard 728x90px (72 dpi)
  • Popup 250x250px (72 dpi)
  • Half-page 300x600px (72 dpi)

What information do you need from my company to conduct the giveaway?

We require…

  • an exact description of the prize(s) including value
  • URL of the prize
  • a photo of the prize with your company logo
  • a list of social media accounts you want to promote where this product can be found
  • the geographical shipping restriction on your giveaway (such as US only, US/Canada, International)

How are winners determined?

Most of our challenges are based on member selection, so winners are determined by vast majority. Occasionally, we will host a celebratory giveaway for achieving a milestone. This will be determined using a randomizer app.

I have a service business. What do you recommend as a giveaway prize?

If you only offer services, we recommend gift cards for…

  • The full value of the service
  • Amazon
  • Visa
  • Other popular options

How many winners will the giveaway have?

Most of our giveaways have a single winner. As a sponsor, you have the choice of rewarding more than one participant. However, we recommend that, rather than splitting your prize among numerous winners, you provide one winner with a large prize. We’ve found this is more beneficial for building brand awareness and attracting an audience.

How will prizes be fulfilled?

We ask that you send prizes within the week of receipt of the winners information.

How will winners be contacted?

As per our privacy policy states, we will not share any personal information of the entrants with any sponsor. You will be notified of the winner’s name, and the winner will reach out to you with their shipping information. That is where our role ends.

Some cases may require us to copy you in on an email to the winner so they’ll know to expect an email from you with more information. This may be due to the need for sized products or other kinds of prizes. If the event happens to be a mature event, or the prize is of a mature nature (such as intimate jewelry), all contacts between you and the winner will take place in a copied email with us for security reasons.

Can I provide a discount coupon as a prize or promotion?

The prize needs to cover an entire product and shipping so that our winner will not incur any expense, so we will not accept coupon codes as a gift giveaway.

We will happily offer space in our newsletter campaigns for coupon code promotion so that our members who would like to order immediately may do so.

Will I receive a tax form for the giveaway?

No. We do not make a profit off the product giveaways, nor do we reimburse you for any charges such as shipping, returns, or exchanges.

How long will our partnership last?

That depends. Our partnership can last as long as you are willing to supply us with physical product for our sponsored giveaway events. This can be anywhere from one event, to several years.

Disclaimer Policy

We cannot guarantee that our partnership will increase traffic or sales, but we can guarantee that your business and product will reach the eyes and ears of our members through the means we are capable of providing. We are a non-profit organization that live solely on the donations of the community, so we will never ask for a share in any sales you may make. We reserve the right to change the promotional schedule at any time, reject product promotions in the event they violate any of our policies, and terminate our partnership for any reason.

This is not considered an affiliation program with affiliate links; we do this because we love our members and the fandom, and enjoy helping other businesses achieve success. We stress that our members are our first priority, and hope that throughout our friendship you will come to earn new clientele due to your generosity. Please consider this our thank you for helping us to show our deep appreciation for the members of this community.

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