Staff Expectations

Guidelines & Performance

This guide is for those considering becoming part of the volunteer staff of The Prince and the Heiress.

We are very grateful you are taking time to contribute to our community. In return for your generosity, we are offering you the chance to give back to the community by helping others, gaining experience, and growing as an individual/artist.

Before you continue, we must make one thing clear. This position is strictly voluntary and is not paid. Despite this, you are expected to treat the position you earn as a job! With that being said, as a volunteer and a member of the TPTH staff, you are a direct frontward representation of TPTH, and as such you will be expected to act with an air of decorum and lead by example.

All staff must…

  • Have strong organizational skills
  • Be efficient in multitasking
  • Have a proactive approach towards their duties and role
  • Have a clear understanding of the community and site rules, including any additional platform they must use (e.g. Discord)
  • Be a team player and take direction easily
  • Have a moderately open availability
  • Be able to work cool and calm while under pressure
  • Have effectively open and honest communication

Below are outlined details of the various roles you may perform as a staff member. Please read these over carefully.



Each member of staff must abide by both the community rules and the guidelines of their position. In addition, please be aware that this applies to all moderators and staff!

  • Communication

    Open and honest communication is a two-way street. The community cannot work cohesively without this. Remember, you play a vital role within TPTH.

  • Participation and Promotion

    As staff, it is only natural you be as active and interested in the fandom as you were when you were merely a member.

  • Respect one another

    As community members, we expect everyone to be respectful to one another. This extends to the staff!

  • Be knowledgeable

    It is prudent staff are familiar with the Site and Community Rules.

  • Have Consistent Attendance

    Mod Meetings take place at least once a month, and all staff are expected to attend each one. Also, each staff member is required to create an account on Discord and join the TPTH Server.


Open and honest communication is a two-way street that helps run the community. It’s a crucial skill that all staff members must have.

Please communicate with the Staff if problems should arise. Personal problems involving life outside the community, or work-related, that will keep you from performing your duties must be communicated with the Administrators immediately. We require up to 1 week of notice for small duties, and up to 1 month for events.

There is no shame in asking for assistance. If you are unsure what to do, simply ask.

Upon promotion, you will be directed to Discord, where you will be required to create an account in order to access the Staff Server, as well as the TPTH Community Server. This is mandatory, and our base of operations. 

NDA Terms

During your career with TPTH, you will be exposed to privileged information, user data, and/or personally identifiable information. DO NOT share this information with anyone other than those involved within the staff heirarchy. This includes any documentation, chat discussion, mod meeting notes, event designing, and much more.

Taking snapshots, pictures, relaying messages without permission, or leaking information to the public in any way, shape, or form is a direct violation of your employment agreement with TPTH and is grounds for termination.

Conflict Resolution

You will be expected to resolve issues, conflicts, and other various problems. Depending on the level of the problem, some require Mod assistance, while others can be taken care of by a singular staff member. These are laid out in the table below.

Conflict Level Solution/Response Meeting
Art Rating
Private Message to the member, directing them to correct the error immediately.
A public message in the chat to remind and warn any participating members of the violation. If it doesn't continue, no other action is needed.
Political Debates
A public message, warning members that all political debates are to be kept to private messaging and out of TPTH. Persistent behavior will result in membership suspension.
Topics and discussion associated with controversial topics (e.g.abortion, civil rights, ethnicity) must be kept to private messaging. Open discussion must be deleted, and parties warned either public or private.
Private Message parties with one warning and a link to the community rules that details this violation. Delete the content from the chat.
Immediately contact the Administrators and Senior Moderator to handle this issue.
Requires physical proof,including snapshots of the original piece and the plagiarize piece. May only be handled by upper staff. Guilty parties are immediately banned from the event and/or community.
Private message both parties separately. Explain to the "victim" the situation is being taken care of, and address the instigator with the proper warning/punishment. This is grounds for suspension at minimum.
Participation & Promotion

Some roles require staff members to host, manage, and design events, and as such, you must oversee both the participation and the promotion of these events.

We also expect you, as an authoritative figure, to help promote the community by spreading the word! TPTH has a total of 5 social media profiles, so all staff members are expected to be proactive and consistent with promotion.

Community engagement is important. Encouraging participation in challenges, events, and discussion aids our endeavor in promotion. This includes helping new and long-term members feel both welcomed and comfortable. Comment, engage, and react to their work, or respond to general chat.

Knowledge of Rules