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[Fic Club] SUMMER 2 FIC READ | Live Discussion Sept. 6th

Book Signing & Reading

The Fic Club

A Vegebul fanfiction book club where we honor and offer aid to the brilliant fandom authors who provide us with awe-inspiring content!

Sharing and Promoting is our goal

About the Club

As a community that specializes in the area of content creation, it is only our nature to give credit where credit is due. Thus establishing the Fic Club, the members have made it their goal to honor the Fanfiction Authors of the Vegebul community by offering an opportunity for growth while supplying admiration and open discussion.

The Club is set up in the form of three stages: the Jury period, the Reading period, and finally the Review period – which will include open discussion and story critique.

This event is open to members of all shapes and forms, and it encourages honest reviews of constructive criticism that will both inspire the author while also providing helpful tips to strengthen their skillset.

How it works

01/ Jury

Members are given the opportunity to select a fic title they are interested in reading before putting the titles to a final vote. During this process, up to three titles will be selected from the list and will be presented to the club as a whole. Jury selections will take place up to 7 days at maximum.

02/ Reading

Deadlines for the reading period will vary depending on the length of each fic. Members will have control over the deadline, which will be determined during the Check-in process. Majority rules always apply when selecting a deadline that best fits the clubs needs.

03/ Reviewing

The final portion is divided up into two sections: the Group Discussion and the Story Review. Discussions takes place both live and independently, as discourse is open for the current fic up to the next chosen title. Reviews are not mandatory, although when given must be courteous and constructive.

Got Questions?


Read the Club Disclaimer here

Club Disclaimer

By signing up and participating, you acknowledge that your role is to offer aid and guidance for the purpose of skill growth - we will not tolerate criticism for sinister reasons, as you provide a frontward representation of the TPTH Community and will maintain a cordial of respect towards the creator and other members at all times.

You agree that all read titles are owned by the respective author, who - in their free time - have created such work to entertain, enjoy, and share their passion at no cost, and it is our goal to offer encouragement, motivation, and positivity in every situation.

As a warning, some titles may include NSFW content that isn’t suitable for a young audience. In turn, despite your age, you acknowledge that you have been forewarned of this and have the full right to withdraw from the current event if you find the plot of the story to be unfitting to your constitution, moral or otherwise.

For any questions regarding the terms above, please contact a member of staff!

It is the goal of the Club to read at least one fic a month, depending on the length of the story. 

Yes – participation requires you to become an official member of the Fic Club. To join you must…

  1. Have an AO3 account, as many authors require reviewers to be signed in to leave a thoughtful review. If you do not have an account and require an invite from AO3, please contact the Staff as soon as possible.
  2. Be part of the TPTH Discord Server. This is the location of the live event, and you are required to obtain the Fic Club Member role. You can join here.

Fics are supplied by the participants of the club through this submission form and are voted on via our jury process. Participants are welcomed to submit multiple titles at any given time, including their own work!

Submissions are anonymous, and are converted to our Title Reading Checklist, which remains open indefinitely to the members of the Club for purposes of review during the jury selections.

Submitting the same title twice is forbidden, and duplicates will be removed. It is the Clubs goal to tackle every title on the list at some point.

The star ratings you see below in our previous reads are the overall “Must Read” rating the club gives each story. Ratings are given out of 5 stars with 1 being would-not-recommend, to 5 being absolute-must-read!

Ratings take place during the live discussion; members are welcomed to rate publicly or privately. Though we rate each fic individually, the club encourages others to read these stories to draw their own conclusions for comparison, and to show the creator support!

That’s easy! Head over to this form to submit a title of your choosing to the club. Before submitting, the club requests you to review the Title Read List to ensure the fic you’ve chosen hasn’t already been submitted, or read. This is to avoid duplicate titles and to keep the list from looking cluttered.

You can also view previously read titles below!

No! That’s the beauty of it; members are not obligated to join every single event and are welcomed to participate at their leisure. Just know that the events you do join deserves your ultimate dedication, as it is our goal to offer aid and guidance for the purpose of skill growth.

Please read our Disclaimer for more info.

It is important that any titles submitted to the club must have an author who is currently active and/or responding to feedback. The club will not read and review fics that have been abandoned, or has a creator that has remained inactive for approximately 1 year.

Please note: If an author is still responding to feedback, but has not updated their fic for quite some time, the club will still accept their work.

Throughout the duration of the reading process, check-ins will take place periodically on Friday evenings to determine the advancement of the read before a discussion date is chosen. Response time for the check-in will be announced every period.

You do not have to have read the full work by the time the club comes together, but know that discussions will be accompanied by spoilers and they will not be censored.

If, for any reason, members need to withdraw from a read, please notify the host of the event by the withdrawal deadline.

Check-in times will also act as the withdrawal deadline date, and will be announced based on the length of the story. This is to help the host maintain a rough headcount of participants so that they may adjust the live discussion event accordingly.

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A masked crusader, the Blue Menace, is on a mission from God to take down Red Ribbon Enterprises and avenge her father. But when another masked vigilante sweeps into her life, can she balance falling for him with revenge, and without sacrificing his trust? In the style of film noir, with graphic violence and adult themes.

Club Rates

Not Yet Rated stars




At a luxurious galactic brothel, Vegeta discovers a rare, little blue sex doll that whets his appetite for something more. (This series written for the Spring 2017 Vegebul Smutfest hosted by the Prince and the Heiress google community.)

Club Rates

5 out of 5 stars




Raised in the shadows, Vegeta’s sole purpose in life was to avenge the destruction of his family. The key to his victory laid in the hands of Bulma, the daughter of the enemy, and not even the strange connection he feels with her will keep him from raining his furious retribution upon all who had dared cross his bloodline.

Club Rates

4.5 out of 5 stars