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  • Date: Nov 01 2019 - Nov 30 2019
  • Time: 08:00 - 00:00
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Nov 01 2019 - Nov 30 2019


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2019 Annual Awards

It’s nearing that time of the year! The Annual Awards are upon us!

Due to recent circumstances, the Annual Awards are being hosted in November of this year, and they will take place here on the website. If you are new to our community, we typically host this event in October. Please note that this year there will be a few significant changes to our awards, so read this announcement carefully before proceeding to the Awards page located here.

What are the Annual Awards?

If you weren’t aware, the Annual Awards is TPTH’s largest event by far where we spend an entire month honoring the content creators of the Vegebul Fandom, whether they’re apart of our beloved community or not. The Awards are broken up into three sections: Nominations, Voting, and Winner Announcements.

Nominations take place for two weeks, starting from 8AM EST to 11:59PM EST. Late nominations will not be accepted to prevent the delay of voting. Nominations must be sent directly to in the format of a PDF file or Google Document with sharing open to us for viewing.

Voting will also take place for a period of two weeks, from 8AM EST to 11:59PM EST. The moment voting is closed, it will not be reopened, so please spend your time wisely making your decisions. Once you make a vote, you cannot change it. Only one vote may be made per category and subcategory. Members are not allowed to vote more than once.

Nominations will open November 1st and close November 5th.

Voting will quickly follow from November 16th to November 30th.

Winner announcements will proceed the first week of December with a TBD date.

What are the rules for Nominations?

Nominations, as stated above, will take place for two weeks. Members may nominate as many as they’d like per category, however they cannot nominate the same person twice per category, or more than 3 times per season. We highly discourage members from submitting the same person for nominations over and over – please practice variety with your nominations! 

The same work can only be nominated once per nomination sent per person sending them. In other words, if you nominated Story A for Best Comedy, you cannot submit Story A for Best Romance.

Once an Author or Artist (or work) have reached the max nomination for 3 different categories for the overall season, they will no longer be eligible for nominations for that season. This includes collaboration nominations. So, again, please attempt to practice variety with your nominations.

Also, we will not be accepting Patreon-only submissions. If the work is SOLELY on Patreon, it cannot be nominated. All nominated work must be located somewhere for free viewing for the duration of the Awards. However, with that said, if the nominee is willing to place the work somewhere free for the duration of the awards, we will accept the nomination. There work must be available for public viewing in a free format from October 1st to December 21st.

Nominations must be formatted as either a PDF document or a Google Doc. All nominations must be sent to

Additionally, all nominations must be formatted as follows:

  1. Name of Content Creator
  2. Contact of Content Creator (either Email or Profile that allows for open commenting)
  3. Name of Work
  4. Link to Work
  5. Category for Nomination
  6. Why you’re nominating them (OPTIONAL, but we still love hearing the reasons)

Are you supposed to contact the Nominee?

No. We will be taking care of that for you. But please be aware, we require a valid contact address that allows for us to openly communicate with the nominee. In the event we are unable to directly contact the nominee, we may enlist your help to do so.

You are not obligated to inform your nominee of their nomination. You must not openly discuss your nominations what-so-ever. All nominations are anonymous. This, however, does not mean you cannot openly support the content creator, or send them luck.

Further updates made for the Awards can be located on the Awards page. For any other questions, please reach out to any of the staff, or use our contact page.

Can you nominate any of the 2018 Winners?

Only works that placed 1st in any category are not eligible for nominations for this year. Second and third place (or ties for those placements), are still available. You can find a list of the previous winners by visiting the Annual Awards.

What about the categories?

For 2019, categories for the awards will be a little different. Fanfiction and Fanart will have 6 categories each, with subcategories to accompany them. As we have a habit of asking our members their opinion on what they would change for the awards, we took the responses to heart and incorporated more in regards to variety. We truly hope you enjoy this years Award event.

Go to the Awards >>

View the 2019 Categories >>

View the 2018 Winners >>

Read the Awards Guidelines >>

Hourly Schedule


Nov. 1st - 8AM EST
Nominations are Open
Nominations must be submitted via a PDF or Google Drive Document to the Awards email at
Nov. 15th - 11:59PM EST
Nominations are Closed
Late nominations will not be accepted under no circumstances.


Nov. 16 - 8AM EST
Voting is Open
Voting will take place via Google Forms.
Nov. 30th - 11:59PM EST
Voting is Closed
Late voting will not be available under no circumstances.

Winner Announcements

Winner Announcement dates are To Be Determined
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