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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Mar 14 2019
  • Time: 19:00
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Mar 14 2019


7:00 pm

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Ages 18+ Only

BVDN Competition

Our first ever BVDN Competition! Earn a chance to become the ultimate BVDN champion, and defend your title against others!

This BVDN will work similar to our other BVDNs. The event will consist of 6 rounds, with a prompt per round. Each round will be accompanied with a time limit of 40 minutes to write and post as many words as possible. Submitting after time is up earns no posting points. There will be a 5 minute intermission between rounds to comment, add reactions, or to simply get up and get something to drink! Those with the highest points wins and is dubbed as the reigning BVDN Champ, and the top three will earn a spot in our next editorial of Capsule Mail. All participants will be placed in a Leaderboard on the BVDN page until the next competition.

The event will be considered mature, so that means participants must have the 18+ Confirmed role to participate. Sign ups are required, since this is going to be the real deal competition, with a potential possibility for a gift giveaway from one of our sponsors.

Points are awarded for posting, guessing the theme correctly, and word count length! Competitors are encouraged to take the time to read other’s works and leave a warm reaction. And let’s not forget penalties – which can be earned by posting late or posting before reaching the minimum word count.

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Hourly Schedule

Competition Sign Ups

Jan. 6th - Feb. 22nd
Sign ups will be open
In order to participate, members are required to sign up. This will be treated very seriously. If you intend to withdraw, you must contact a member of staff up to a week before the competition.

Competition Day!

Mar. 14th - 7PM PT/4PM PT
Gather in the #bvdn-mature channel
Participants should be making their way to the #bvdn-mature channel on our Discord. The event will begin at 7PM ET/4PM PT. This will be the night participants cannot show up late.
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