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  • Date: Jun 07 2019 - Sep 06 2019
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Jun 07 2019 - Sep 06 2019

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Fic Club *Special Event* [SUMMER FIC READ]

We’ll be reading Blue Doll by LadyVegeets and Vigilante by springandbysummerfall!

Please remember, routine check-ins are changing for the summer Fic read and will occur every 2 Friday evenings instead on every Friday to remind everyone to begin reading! These will take place as followed…

Blue Doll Live Discussion – August 23rd at 7PM EST/4PM PST

Vigilantes Live Discussion – September 6th at 8PM EST/5PM PST

Additionally, any questions or commentary posed during the reading period must be tagged as spoiler if it, indeed, contains any spoilers. However, we are opening the #spoilers chat in case anyone wants to openly discuss the stories while reading.

See the link below to learn how to tag spoilers.

Come discussion time, beware that though you don’t have to have completed the Fic to participate, we will inevitably be discussing the content from the story, and those will contain spoilers. During this period, we will not be using the spoiler tags, so it’s recommended that if you don’t want anything ruined for you, don’t participate in the live discussion.

We will also be choosing our next fic on August 23rd as well, so if you have a fic you’ve been dying to read, that’ll be the time to bring it up!

Finally, discourse for the story may continue up until the next title is chosen.

For any questions, feel free to either tag me, DM me, or #ask-tpth-staff!

Let the reading commence!! :hugging:

Spoiler Tags: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022320632-Spoiler-Tags-

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