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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Feb 09 2020 - Feb 16 2020
  • Time: 07:00 - 23:00
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Feb 09 2020 - Feb 17 2020


8:00 am - 12:00 am

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Ages 18+ Only

Smutfest 2020 Prompts Revealed!

The next Smutfest event will be hosted on our website! So we’re extremely excited for this one!

With no boundaries to hold us back (*cough cough* Tumblr *cough cough*), we’re truly looking forward to seeing how everyone takes a spin with the new prompt setlist we’ve come up with. And since Smutfest is now annual, we’ll be revealing all of the prompts, including the bonus prompts, at the same time.

Just a friendly reminder that although Smutfest is now once a year, we will not be extending the event week. We’ve had a few people approach us asking how Smutfest will work from here on out and we want to reassure everyone that Smutfest will work exactly the same as before with the exception it will now be on our website instead of Tumblr or Discord.

Required User Tags for AO3:  TPTH Vegebul Smutfest and The Prince and the Heiress

Link back to our website when creating your posts!

Announcement #1: Authors, please note that you must post your prompts via our AO3 Smutfest collection, with the required tags! We do not have Archiving capabilities like AO3, but we hope to rectify this sometime in the future, if we’re able. Artists, you will make your submissions directly to the site. Your work will appear in our Smutfest gallery. This will require you to make an account with TPTH when the time comes.

Announcement #2: Tagging will remain the same as it was on Tumblr. As you submit to AO3, please make sure to tag your work with the prompt tag and the year of the Smutfest it’s being submitted for. It goes without saying that all prompt submissions are still required to be new and original, with the exception of nonprompt submissions. All other required tags stand! Please visit the Smutfest page to learn more about tagging.

Announcement #3: Participants are welcomed to post their work to Discord AFTER they’ve officially posted to AO3. All work submitted to Discord must be within the Smutfest Gallery chat.

Announcement #4: Any Smutfest related content posted to the site and Discord will be under restriction and only available to those 18 years of age or older. Participants are required to confirm their DOB in order to obtain access to both the Smutfest page and gallery. If you’ve already confirmed your DOB via Discord and have obtained the 18+ Confirmed Role as well as the Smutfest role, please contact a staff member with your TPTH registered email to obtain access to these restricted areas.

Release the Prompts!

Without further ado…

Below, the dates correspond with the prompts. Please draw as much or as little inspiration from the words. We will accept fanfiction, fanart, or graphics! Content must include as much or as little eroticism, smut, romance, or fluff to be considered. Work does not have to be colored and there is no required word count for fanfiction! Each prompt below has its tag in parentheses. ALL CONTENT MUST BE NEW, ORIGINAL, AND MADE FROM SCRATCH!

You can also find the schedule for the prompts by scrolling down to view the Daily Schedule near the bottom of the page. This will go more in depth about when the submission form is open per prompt.


  1. Sunday, February 9th – Day 1: The Station (#day1thestation)
  2. Monday, February 10th – Day 2: The Control Centre (#day2thecontrolcentre)
  3. Tuesday, February 11th – Day 3: The Brig (#day3thebrig)
  4. Wednesday, February 12th – Day 4: The Crews Quarters (#day4thecrewsquarters)
  5. Thursday, February 13th – Day 5: The Infirmary (#day5theinfirmary)
  6. Friday, February 14th – Day 6: The Lab (#day6thelab)
  7. Saturday, February 15th – Day 7: The Training Facility (#day7thetrainingfacility)
  8. Sunday, February 16th – Day 8: The Airlock Hatch (#bonusday8theairlockhatch)
  9. Monday, February 17th – Day 9: The Escape Pods (#bonusday9theescapepods)

Submissions can only be posted beginning that Sunday and no sooner! The submission form will remain open indefinitely, and will only be available to participants who have confirmed their DOB with a member of staff. If you would like to continue posting, you will be required to use the General Submission form found under your Account. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the 2020 Smutfest, don’t hesitate to ask!

Hourly Schedule

Sunday, February 9th

8AM - 11:59PM
Day 1: The Station

Monday, February 10th

12AM - 11:59PM
Day 2: The Control Centre

Tuesday, February 11th

12AM - 11:59PM
Day 3: The Brig

Wednesday, February 12th

12AM - 11:59PM
Day 4: The Crews Quarters

Thursday, February 13th

12AM - 11:59PM
Day 5: The Infirmary

Friday, February 14th

12AM - 11:59PM
Day 6: The Lab

Saturday, February 15th

12AM - 11:59PM
Day 7: The Training Facility

Sunday, February 16th [BONUS DAY]

12AM - 11:59PM
Bonus Day 8: The Airlock Hatch

Monday, February 17th [BONUS DAY]

12AM - 11:59PM
Bonus Day 9: The Escape Pods
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